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10 Best White Blazer Combination Ideas for Men

Looking for stylish and versatile outfit ideas? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this article, we'll show you the best white blazer combination ideas for men in 2023.

You might be thinking, 'A white blazer? Isn't that too formal?' Well, think again! We'll guide you through casual and sophisticated looks that will make you stand out.

From shirts to t-shirts, jeans to bow ties, we've got all the tips and tricks to help you rock your white blazer with confidence.

Get ready to unleash your fashion freedom!

Key Takeaways

  • The white blazer can be paired with different types of shirts, including black shirts, formal white shirts, patterned shirts, and t-shirts, to create various stylish looks.
  • When combining the white blazer with t-shirts, graphic t-shirts and patterned t-shirts can add personality and visual interest to the outfit.
  • Polo t-shirts in white or different colors can be paired with the white blazer for both formal and casual occasions, while patterned polo t-shirts can create a stylish and trendy look.
  • Pairing the white blazer with jeans or trousers can result in a casual yet sophisticated or formal ensemble, depending on the choice of bottoms. Accessories like belts, watches, and pocket squares can enhance the overall look.

White Blazer Combination With Shirts

When it comes to styling a white blazer, you can never go wrong with combining it with a black shirt. This classic combination exudes sophistication and elegance, making it perfect for formal occasions or a night out. The contrast between the white blazer and the black shirt creates a striking and powerful look that demands attention.

For a more polished and refined ensemble, pair your white blazer with a formal white shirt. This combination is timeless and effortlessly stylish, perfect for weddings, business meetings, or any formal event.

If you want to add some personality to your outfit, try combining your white blazer with a patterned shirt. Whether it's stripes, checks, or floral prints, a patterned shirt adds a touch of playfulness and individuality to your look.

White Blazer Combination With T-Shirts

Pairing a white blazer with t-shirts is a versatile and stylish choice for any casual or semi-formal occasion.

When it comes to creating unique and eye-catching outfits, consider combining your white blazer with graphic t-shirts or patterned t-shirts. Graphic t-shirts add a touch of personality and playfulness to your overall look. Choose t-shirts with bold and vibrant designs that complement the white blazer.

For a more sophisticated and fashion-forward look, opt for patterned t-shirts. Stripes, florals, or abstract patterns can add visual interest and depth to your outfit. Remember to keep the color palette cohesive, ensuring that the patterns or graphics on your t-shirt harmonize with the white blazer.

White Blazer Combination With Polo T-Shirts

Try wearing a white blazer with a polo t-shirt for a classic and timeless look. The combination of a white blazer and a polo shirt is a stylish choice that exudes sophistication and elegance. Here are some polo t-shirt styling ideas to pair with a white blazer:

  1. White Polo T-Shirt: Opt for a white polo t-shirt to create a sleek and monochromatic ensemble. This combination is perfect for formal occasions and can be paired with trousers or jeans.
  2. Colored Polo T-Shirts: Experiment with different colored polo t-shirts to add a pop of color to your outfit. Pair a navy blue polo shirt with a white blazer for a nautical-inspired look or choose a pastel-colored polo shirt for a more casual and relaxed vibe.
  3. Patterned Polo T-Shirts: Add some personality to your outfit by opting for a patterned polo shirt. Whether it's stripes, checks, or polka dots, a patterned polo shirt paired with a white blazer creates a stylish and trendy look.
  4. Accessorize: Complete your white blazer and polo shirt pairing with accessories such as a statement watch, a leather belt, or a pocket square. These small details can elevate your outfit and make a lasting impression.

Experiment with different polo t-shirt styles and colors to find the perfect combination that suits your personal style. Whether you're attending a formal event or going for a casual outing, the white blazer and polo shirt pairing is a versatile choice that will never go out of fashion.

White Blazer Combination With Jeans

Rock your style by combining a white blazer with jeans for a trendy and effortlessly cool look. The combination of a white blazer and jeans is a versatile and stylish option that can be worn for various occasions.

For a casual yet sophisticated look, pair your white blazer with a classic blue or black jeans. You can complete the outfit with a plain white t-shirt or a printed shirt for a more stylish touch.

To add a touch of elegance, opt for a white blazer combination with chinos. This combination creates a smart-casual look that's perfect for semi-formal events.

For a more relaxed and laid-back vibe, pair your white blazer with sneakers. This combination adds a touch of sportiness to your outfit while still maintaining a stylish and polished appearance.

White Blazer Combination With Trousers

Complete your sophisticated look by effortlessly combining a white blazer with trousers for a polished and stylish ensemble. Here are some styling options with white blazer and trousers that will help you achieve a fashion-forward look:

  1. Pair your white blazer with black trousers for a classic and timeless combination. This monochromatic look exudes elegance and is perfect for formal occasions or evening events.
  2. For a more relaxed yet stylish look, opt for white trousers with your white blazer. This all-white ensemble is fresh and modern, ideal for summer events or casual outings.
  3. Add a pop of color to your outfit by pairing your white blazer with trousers in a bold shade like navy blue or burgundy. This combination adds depth and personality to your look while still maintaining a sophisticated vibe.
  4. Complete your white blazer and trousers combination with must-have accessories like a sleek leather belt, a statement watch, and a pocket square. These accessories elevate your outfit and add an extra touch of refinement.

By experimenting with different trouser options and incorporating stylish accessories, you can create a variety of looks with your white blazer that are both versatile and fashion-forward.

Embrace your sense of style and enjoy the freedom to express yourself through your clothing choices.

White Blazer Combination With Shorts

To achieve a stylish and summer-ready look, pair your white blazer with shorts for a cool and casual combination. When it comes to white blazer combinations with shorts, there are a few options that can elevate your style game.

For a beach or poolside look, you can wear your white blazer with swimwear. Opt for a pair of tailored shorts in a vibrant color or pattern, and pair them with a white blazer for a sophisticated yet relaxed vibe. Complete the look with a pair of stylish sandals or loafers.

If you're going for a more street-style inspired outfit, you can pair your white blazer with shorts and sneakers. Choose a pair of knee-length shorts in a neutral color, and pair them with a white blazer for a fresh and modern look. Finish off the outfit with a pair of clean white sneakers for a sleek and sporty touch.

Whether you're heading to the beach or going for a casual day out, the combination of a white blazer with shorts is a versatile and fashionable choice.

White Blazer Combination With Bow Ties

Elevate your style with the timeless elegance of a white blazer and bow tie combination. Whether you're attending a formal event or simply want to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday look, pairing a white blazer with a bow tie is a surefire way to make a statement.

Here are some tips for achieving a classy and elegant look with a white blazer and bow tie:

  1. Different styles of bow ties to pair with a white blazer:
  • Classic black bow tie: This timeless option adds a touch of sophistication to any white blazer ensemble.
  • Patterned bow tie: Experiment with stripes, polka dots, or paisley patterns to add a playful twist to your outfit.
  • Velvet bow tie: Luxurious and stylish, a velvet bow tie adds texture and depth to a white blazer look.
  • Bow tie in a bold color: Make a statement by opting for a bow tie in a vibrant color like red or blue.

Accessorizing a White Blazer

When accessorizing a white blazer, you can enhance your look by adding complementary accessories. To create a stylish and polished outfit, consider these tips for accessorizing a white blazer.

First, opt for a statement belt to cinch your waist and add definition to your silhouette. A sleek black or brown leather belt can instantly elevate your white blazer outfit.

Next, choose a classic watch to add a touch of sophistication. A silver or gold timepiece can add a refined and elegant vibe to your overall look.

Finally, don't forget about the power of a pocket square. A colorful or patterned pocket square can inject personality and charm into your white blazer ensemble.

Colors That Go Well With White Blazers

What are some colors that go well with white blazers and how can you incorporate them into your outfits?

When it comes to styling a white blazer, there are several colors that can complement it perfectly. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Different shades of blue: Navy blue, sky blue, and royal blue all go well with white blazers. Pairing a white blazer with a blue shirt or t-shirt can create a stylish and sophisticated look.
  2. Accessories to enhance a white blazer outfit: Add pops of color with accessories like a red pocket square, a yellow tie, or a patterned scarf. These accessories can elevate your white blazer outfit and make a bold statement.
  3. Earth tones: Colors like beige, khaki, and olive green can create a harmonious combination with a white blazer. These earthy colors add warmth and depth to your overall look.
  4. Classic black and white: For a timeless and elegant look, pair your white blazer with black trousers or a black shirt. This monochromatic combination exudes sophistication and style.

Incorporating these colors into your outfits will help you create versatile and fashionable looks with your white blazer. Experiment with different combinations and have fun expressing your personal style.

Styling Tips for White Blazer Combinations

To achieve a polished and stylish look, try pairing your white blazer with different colored shirts, t-shirts, or polo t-shirts.

For a classic and sophisticated ensemble, opt for a black shirt or a light blue shirt.

If you prefer a more casual and laid-back vibe, a white t-shirt or other colored t-shirts will do the trick.

Polo t-shirts, whether in white or other colors, can also complement a white blazer and add a touch of preppy charm to your outfit.

To complete your look, consider accessorizing your white blazer with sneakers for a trendy and modern twist.

Additionally, don't be afraid to experiment with accessories such as pocket squares, lapel pins, or statement belts to elevate your white blazer combination to the next level.

Remember, fashion is all about expressing your personal style and embracing your unique sense of liberation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a White Blazer Be Paired With a Patterned Shirt for a Stylish Look?

Yes, you can definitely pair a white blazer with a patterned shirt for a stylish look. Try a white blazer with a floral or striped shirt for a fashionable and eye-catching combination.

What Types of Accessories Can Be Worn With a White Blazer to Add a Pop of Color?

To add a pop of color to your white blazer, consider bold tie options. They'll make a stylish statement. Also, choose a pocket square that enhances your outfit. These choices will elevate your look and give you the freedom to express yourself.

Are There Any Specific Colors That Should Be Avoided When Wearing a White Blazer?

When styling a white blazer for a summer wedding, it's important to consider the colors to avoid. Stay away from dark shades like black and navy, and opt for lighter, brighter hues instead.

Can a White Blazer Be Dressed Down for a More Casual Look With Jeans or Shorts?

Yes, you can absolutely dress down a white blazer for a more casual look. Pair it with jeans or shorts for a stylish and laid-back vibe. It's a versatile piece that can elevate any outfit.

Is It Acceptable to Wear a White Blazer to a Formal Event or Is It More Suited for Casual Occasions?

Yes, it is acceptable to wear a white blazer to a formal event. White blazers are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They add a stylish touch to both formal and casual outfits.


As you embark on your fashion journey with a white blazer, remember that it's more than just a piece of clothing. It represents elegance, versatility, and the ability to make a bold statement.

Just like a blank canvas, your white blazer allows you to express your unique style and personality.

So go ahead, experiment with different shirt combinations, rock it with jeans or trousers, and don't forget to accessorize.

With these white blazer combination ideas, you'll be sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

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