Parineeti Written Update

Parineeti Written Update

Parineeti 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

What happened: Pari Saved, Sanju Injured: Family Rushes to Bigger Hospital for Pari’s Critical Condition

Pari falls unconscious after the rope breaks while climbing out of the well. Sanju jumps in to save her and gets injured. Though unconscious, Pari is pulled out and rushed to the hospital.

The doctor reveals Pari has brain trauma and might not recover fully. The family pleads with the doctor, but the limitations of the hospital force them to transfer Pari to a bigger facility.

During the ambulance ride, Pari briefly regains consciousness but faints again. Neeti, secretly rejoicing in her misfortune, hatches a plan to exploit the situation.

At the new hospital, Pari regains consciousness again, but her condition remains critical. Sanju’s bracelet gets stuck in Pari’s mangalsutra, and Neeti breaks it to separate them in a shocking turn of events. Everyone is surprised to see this.

Find out more in next day episode.

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