Trending Hairstyles for Men With Triangle Face Shape

10 Trending Hairstyles for Men With Triangle Face Shape

10 Trending Hairstyles for Men With Triangle Face Shape

In the vast ocean of hairstyles for men, finding the perfect wave to ride with hairstyles for men with triangle face shape can feel like piloting through uncharted waters.

You’re standing at a crossroads where the broad forehead and narrow jawline of the inverted triangle meet the wider cheekbones of its counterpart. The quest for balance and symmetry is paramount.

Choices like the quiff, fringe, or pompadour might beckon you with their promise of equilibrium, while the appeal of textured crops and undercuts whispers of accentuated features. When you’re about to choose a hairstyle, keep in mind that the perfect one not only looks good on your face but also shows off your personality.

Let’s set sail on this journey together, exploring how each cut can carve out the best version of you i.e men with triangle faces.

Key Takeaways

  • For triangle face shapes, hairstyles with volume and texture on top balance the narrower chin.
  • Short haircuts like the crew cut or buzz cut offer a sharp, low-maintenance look suitable for triangle faces.
  • Medium hairstyles such as quiffs and pompadours enhance the face’s symmetry by adding height and volume.
  • Long hair styled in a man bun or left loose can soften the angles of a triangle face, adding a trendy, balanced appearance.

Understanding Hairstyles for Men with Triangle Face Shapes

Identifying your triangle face shape, marked by a broader forehead and a narrower chin, is an essential first step in choosing a hairstyle that’ll highlight your best features.

Understanding the proportions of your face, including cheekbones and jawline, is key to selecting men’s hairstyles that balance these features, ensuring a flattering haircut that complements your facial proportions and achieves an overall harmonious look.

Triangle Face Hairstyle as Short Haircuts

If you’ve got a triangle face shape, short haircuts like the low fade with a textured top can really play up your features.

A side part with short back and sides offers a classic look that balances your face beautifully.

For a more understated option, consider the buzzcut or crew cut to keep things clean and sharp. Before making more comments, let’s check out one by one.

Low fade with textured top

Low fade with textured top
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For men with triangle face shapes, a low fade with textured top can be a game-changer. It creates volume up top to balance a wider jawline while maintaining clean, sharp lines on the sides and back.

This men’s haircut offers a balanced look, highlighting a hairstyle for triangle face male that accentuates texture and sharp sides, ideal for innovating triangle face shape hairstyles male.

Side part with short back and sides

Side part with short back and sides

Opting for a side part with short back and sides can greatly enhance your triangle face shape, offering a sleek and balanced appearance.

This classic haircut introduces a touch of asymmetry, which helps soften the jawline, making it a flattering choice for triangular faces.

It’s a staple in men’s hairstyles that adapts to your face shape, ensuring you look sharp and innovative.


Buzz cut

A buzzcut offers a straightforward yet stylish solution for men with triangle face shapes. It is a haircut that balances well and results in low-maintenance look. This simple hairstyle works wonders, especially if you’ve got naturally full and thick hair.

The uniform length all over gives a neat, balanced look. It makes it an excellent option for those seeking a fuss-free, yet fashionable option that complements the triangle face shape perfectly.

Crew cut

Crew Cut

Choosing a crew cut can effortlessly elevate your look if you have a triangular face shape, offering a sharp yet low-maintenance hairstyle that avoids exaggerating your jawline.

  • Prevent cuts too short on the sides to avoid emphasizing a wide jawline.
  • Overall haircut offers a balanced appearance.
  • Ideal for men with triangle faces seeking a low-maintenance haircut.
  • Guarantees a sharp look without overemphasis on triangular faces.
  • Perfect for those desiring innovative hairstyles for men.

Triangle Face Hairstyle as Medium Haircuts

Shifting to medium haircuts, you’ve got options like the quiff, pompadour, and undercut with a textured top that can really play up your triangle face shape. These styles add the right amount of volume and texture, balancing your features beautifully.

This hairstyle would soften the angles of your face while highlighting your best attributes.



Embracing the textured quiff hairstyle can greatly enhance your triangle face shape, offering a blend of sophistication and volume that perfectly balances your features. It is known to be one of the best triangle face shape hairstyles.

  • Adds volume and texture atop
  • Balances the elongated jawline
  • Versatile for various occasions
  • Enhances male triangle face shape
  • Creates a balanced look

This classic quiff haircut is a game-changer, making it a top choice for those aiming for a distinguished yet dynamic appearance.



Adopting the pompadour hairstyle, a timeless classic, can greatly elevate the appearance of a triangle face shape by adding height and volume to your look. This male hairstyle uses longer hair swept back to create a striking balance.

It draws attention upwards, elongating your face and complementing your jawline. The pompadour isn’t just a haircut; it’s a statement that enhances your triangle face shape.

Undercut with textured top

Undercut with textured top

While the pompadour offers a classic look with its volume and height, an undercut with a textured top presents a modern twist, perfectly balancing the jawline and enhancing the forehead for those with a triangle face shape.

  • Short sides and longer hair on top create volume.
  • Makes a wider forehead look.
  • Infuses interest with texture.
  • Ideal hairstyle for triangle face shape.

Triangle Face Hairstyle as Long Haircuts

When it comes to long haircuts for men with triangle face shapes, you’ve got options that can both flatter and balance your features. Styles like the long and loose, man bun, and top knot not only cater to the desire for length but also offer versatility in styling.

These choices can help soften the jawline and draw the eye upwards, creating a harmonious balance with your natural face shape.

Long and loose

Long and loose

Long and loose hairstyles can offer an unparalleled balance for men with triangle face shapes, adding volume where it’s most needed. These haircuts for triangle face shapes leverage long hair to distribute weight and volume towards the bottom of the face, successfully balancing out a wider jawline.

  • Emphasizes length adds softness
  • Redistributes volume to the lower face, makes you look dashing
  • Softens the triangular face shape length on the sides
  • Enhances male hairstyles with versatility

Man bun

Man bun

Building on the versatility of hairstyles for men with triangle face shapes, the man bun emerges as a standout choice for those preferring to keep their hair long. Man bun is trending nowadays as longer  hairstyles and make men look better & stylish.

This popular hairstyle involves gathering your long hair at the back of your head and securing it with a hair tie, which actually compliment triangle shape or nearly every face shape.

It’s a unique way to balance your jawline, keeping your style sharp and your face clear.

Top knot

Top knot

As a man with a triangle face shape, you’ll find the top knot to be a flattering and modern hairstyle option that elevates your look.

  • Versatile: Easily adapts to various styles.
  • Adds Height: Creates a balanced facial appearance.
  • Trendy: Keeps you in vogue.
  • For Longer Hair: Ideal for men with longer hair lengths.
  • Bun or Knot: Can be styled as a bun or a more casual knot.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Triangle Face Hairstyle

  • Avoid haircuts that are too short on the sides or back, as this can make the jawline appear even wider.
  • Avoid haircuts that are too long on top, as this can make the forehead appear even wider.
  • Consider adding texture to your hair, as this can help to add volume and balance to your face shape.


So, you’ve explored the best hairstyles for your triangle face shape, from sharp short cuts to flowing long locks.

Remember, the key is to balance your broad forehead or prominent cheekbones with the right style.

Whether you’re rocking a quiff, embracing medium-length curls, or letting those long strands flow, you’ve got options to highlight your best features.

Don’t forget, a little confidence goes a long way. Choose the cut that feels right and watch as you turn heads with your polished, balanced look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hairstyle suits triangle face men?

If you’ve got a triangle face shape, consider quiffs, fringes, buzzcuts, pompadours, or crew cuts. These styles balance your features, accentuating your best traits for a sharper look.

Is triangle face shape attractive for men?

Yes, your triangle face shape is attractive! It’s unique and stands out, especially with the right confidence and style. Celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Kartik Aaryan highlight its appeal, proving it’s all about embracing your distinctive look.

Which male celebrity has triangle face shape?

You’re wondering about male celebrities with triangle face shapes? Seek no more than Ryan Gosling or Kartik Aaryan. Their wide forehead and narrow chin showcase this shape perfectly, making them a great example for male celebrity has triangle face shape.

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