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Game On: 7 Best Football Boots Under 2000 ₹ in India

Are you a football maniac? If yes, then you know how important it is to find the best football boots to transform your on-field experience. With the best football boots for hard ground, you can showcase your skills and leave your opponent team awestruck with your game. Be it a sprint, pass, or strike, you know you have seamless options with your football shoes.

Finding the best brands for boots in India is now easy with our top recommendations. So join us as we explore the journey to unearth the best football studs under 2000 in this article. Whether you’re a professional player or an energetic enthusiast. This article will equip you with the best football brand in India. So that you can elevate your game and set your path toward the football game with finesse and precision.

So lace up your boots and get ready to step onto the field of boot-choosing expertise. These 7 best football boots under 2000 come in good style, functionality, and affordability. So are you ready? Let’s dive into the world of the best turf.

Advantages Of Wearing Football Shoes

Football shoes are an important part of the football game because they help to protect a player’s feet and ankles from injury. They also provide proper traction and grip on the playing field. Football shoes come in various styles and designs, each with its advantages. 

1. Increased Traction: Football shoes are designed with special spikes or studs that provide increased traction on the field, especially when there is soft ground. This helps to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

2. Comfort: Football shoes are designed to provide a snug fit, which helps to provide comfort and support throughout the game.

3. Shock Absorption: Football shoes feature special cushioning that helps to reduce the impact of hard landings and other contact shocks.

4. Improved Speed: Football shoes are designed with lightweight materials that help to improve speed and agility on the field.

5. Protection: Football shoes provide additional protection to the feet and legs from various injuries during the game.

Comparison of 7 Best Football Boots Under 2000 ₹ in India

#1 Puma Unisex-Adult One 5.4 It Jr Football Shoe

This unisex adult football shoe from the Puma brand is specially curated for football players who want comfort and design wrapped in one package. These shoes come with an advanced rubber sole which delivers ankle grip perfectly.

It has lace-up closure with a synthetic outsole, making it comfortable to wear. Moreover, it helps to increase the boot with comfort performance. The shoes are round-toe style, which helps prevent injury near the toe area.

This shoe is medium-width and comes with catchy designs that make it attractive. This beautiful shoe can be played on muddy surfaces as well as common playing surfaces. Its synthetic material provides lightweight comfort and durability. Moreover, its durable rubber material fits any foot shape.


  • This choice of shoe is perfect for beginners.
  • It is lightweight and durable enough for fast play.
  • It is affordable for every player.


  • Only a few color options for this model from this brand.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its value for money and lightweight feature.

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#2 Nike Boys Revolution 4 (Gs) Running Shoes

These high-top football studs from Nike are the perfect pair of shoes for you. If you are looking for the best football boots for hard ground. These shoes come with rubber soles with lace-up closures. That delivers a good grip and speed to the wearer.

The rubber soles with the molded spikes are designed in such a way. That offers players to handle all types of striking surfaces. Thus it makes use of tough scenarios as well.

The shoes have upper mesh, which delivers good optimal breathability. It has a soft foam midsole delivers responsive, lightweight, and well-cushioned features. Thus it offers durability while playing on-field. Moreover, the outer layer part is very soft; thus, it gives a comfortable feeling while wearing and running on the ground.


  • This pair of shoes is one of the best football boots under 2000 in India.
  • It offers great grip and high ankle protection.
  • It is lightweight and long-lasting.


  • It is not suitable for people who have wider feet.
  • The cushioning part can be better.

We rate this product a 3.9-star rating for its long-lasting comfort.

#3 Nivia Dominator 2.0 Football Shoes for Men

These Dominator 2.0 football shoes from Nivia are the best shoes for playing football. This shoe is one of the best Nivia football shoes. It is manufactured using a special technique called direct injection molding technology, making this a single-component shoe.

These black boots are made with thermoplastic polyurethane. This provides great control and a better grip on the ball. The advantage of this football shoe is that they have right-height studs. This helps the players to play on all types of surfaces.

Moreover, this pair of football shoes helps maintain foot shape and perform well. It comes with a lacing system that helps to deliver an anatomically correct fit. It has a high-shear TPU sole which makes the shoes soft and supple. It is available in different colors. This dynamic football shoe has a pre-molded TPU, a lightweight insole. This provides more comfort and grip on all sides.


  • Its lightweight insole adds comfort and grip.
  • TPU studs in this shoe offer flexibility to the toe area.
  • It has proper cushioning and comfort.


  • The front part of this football stud is narrow. This makes it uneasy for a few users.

We rate this product a 4.5-star rating for its well-cushioned and comfortable features.

#4 Puma Mens Monarch Ii Fg/Ag Running Shoe

Puma is a well-known sports brand that provides top-notch innovative, excellent products. This model of the coolest shoes is made of faux leather soles. That provides better comfort and traction. It comes with lace-up closure, increasing the game’s efficiency.

The shoes have been curated for comfort and stability, making them a top pick for the best football shoes brand. The lace-up feature in this shoe allows it to have the perfect fit for your feet.

The outsole of these Puma shoes is made with TPU outsole material that provides flexibility and durability. Thus it offers longevity and comfort for players. This shoe is a low-maintenance boot that is equipped with a multi-dimensional upper. This allows the players to have ball control with a good touch due to its high technology.


  • This shoe has good ball control.
  • It is made of high-quality material with a good fit type.
  • It is lightweight and has excellent durability.


  • This shoe needs more cushion at the feet because if you jump, it feels hard on the landing surface.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its top-notch quality.

#5 Adidas Predator Edge.4 Tf J

These football shoes from Adidas are made from rubber sole material, which gives them strong durability and lightweight structure. It is a very good quality of shoes from Adidas. This shoe has lace-up closure with inner heel cushioning. This helps to have an underfoot grip and offers full flexibility.

The outsole material is made of synthetics, textiles, and rubber, ensuring that kicks are better and harder. The heel’s healed area is designed so that your foot gets the right balance while you are on the go.

The sole of this shoe allows you to have comfort and stability while you play. Thus they are great for a grass pitch. Moreover, they are budget-friendly too, so if you are a beginner in playing football. Then it is the best football under 2000 to purchase.

Adidas Predator Edge.4 Tf J
  • Color: Hirblu/turbo/hirblu
  • Package Contents: 1 Pair of Shoes Football
  • Department: Kid’s


  • The shoe comes in at a very reasonable price for its top-notch quality.
  • It is designed to prevent injury to the feet.
  • It is made up of textile, synthetic, and rubber, which allows you to perform at maximum potential.


  • It causes slight pain if worn for a long time.

We rate this product a 4.4 rating for its value for money and durability.

#6 Women’s Camp Shimmer Running Shoes

A new entry to this list of best football boot brands in India is Campus Shoe. It comes in all sizes and has an eye-catching design. The outer material is made up of thermoplastic elastomers. It provides greater comfort and grip on all sides.

The boots feature a good grip outsole on artificial grass and hard surfaces. It comes with medium width and regular fit type. So that it works well for all players.

This pair of shoes is for running shoes, ideal for running, going to the gym, and walking. It is a great deal for anyone looking for the best football under 2000. Therefore only think a little. Go for it.


  • This pair of shoes has an attractive design and color.
  • It delivers great comfort with its lace-up design and exceptional quality.
  • It has great cushioning, which makes it easy to wear.


  • Men should feel jealous as this comfortable shoe is not available for men 🙂

We rate this product a 4.4 rating for its value for money and durability.

#7 Nivia Ultra 2.0 Football Shoes

Nivia Ultra 2.0 football shoes are exceptional shoes made for a professional sportsperson. These shoes are made with polyurethane soles with PU synthetic leather. That delivers sheer quality and extra comfort on firm ground surfaces. It has a lace-up closure with a regular fit, ideal for all sizes.

The shoes have collar ribs with an excellent toe front that delivers good ball control and tackling. It has molded removable EVA sock liner for firm feet. Moreover, it is an extra layer of plush step-in comfort for the feet.

These bold boots offer a shear-strength rubber sole that delivers superior traction and stability. In addition, it has a lightweight pre-molded TPU insole, making it a sought-after shoe for football players. The rubber soles enhance a good playing experience for the players on the field.

Nivia Ultra 2.0 Football Shoes
  • PU Synthetic leather with Collar rib and Toe front offers excellent ball control and tackling.
  • A moulded Removable E.VA (SPORTHO FOOT FIRM ) sockliner exists as an extra layer of plush,step-in comfort.
  • Pre-molded TPU Light weight insole provide more comfort and grip.


  • This stylish pair of shoes helps to better grip and also helps to keep balance while you play.
  • It is an affordable and long-lasting shoe.
  • It provides better balance on muddy surfaces with ease.


  • Few users have shown their discomfort while wearing it for a long time.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its ankle support and protection.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Football Shoes Under 2000 In India

When it comes to finding the best football boots under 2000 in India, there are several important factors to consider. Football studs, the fit of the shoe, and comfort level should all be considered when looking for suitable footwear for your sport.

  1. Comfort: Choose shoes that provide comfort and support while running, jumping, changing directions, and high-speed control during the match. Check out the stud pattern and design regarding stud pressure during the game.
  2. Support: Your pair of football boots should provide adequate ankle and heel support to protect your feet during the match. Usually, boot manufacturing companies work extensively on design excellence and stud design, like bladed studs, conical studs, or polygonal studs. It actually impacts the performance and comfort during the match.
  3. Traction: Check the shoes’ outsole for good traction to keep you grounded and stable on the pitch. Ideally, it should cover all types of surfaces.
  4. Durability: Choose shoes constructed with durable materials that can withstand long hours of use. The flexible synthetic uppers ensure durability in the long run.
  5. Boot Fit: Try on several pairs of shoes to determine the best fit for your feet.
  6. Price: Consider your budget and look for shoes within your price range.
  7. Brand: Choose a brand with a good reputation for quality football shoes and customer service. A good brand ensures the cleanest design with no compromise on comfort, a complete range of shoes for every type of foot, a range of colors
  8. Quality: Make sure to select shoes made of quality materials and built to last for many matches.


Football shoes are essential to any footballer’s arsenal, and finding the right pair at a reasonable price is key. Finding quality football shoes for under 2000 rupees in India may seem daunting. Still, it can be done with some patience and research.

The best way to ensure you get your money’s worth when purchasing new football shoes is to pay attention to details such as sole design, material composition, fit and comfort levels. Additionally, proper care of your shoes will help them last longer.

Remember: no one-size-fits-all solution exists; every player has different needs, so choose wisely! Investing in good quality football shoes can make all the difference between winning or losing a match – so don’t let cost stand in the way of performance.


Football shoes are an essential part of any football player’s kit. Finding the right pair of boots for your budget can be daunting, especially when it comes to finding the best football shoes under 2000 in India. With so many brands and models available on the market, plenty of options offer both comfort and quality at an affordable price point.

The Nivia range of football shoes offers great choices for boots below 2000 rupees. The brand has been around since 1996, and its range includes turf and hard ground designs with sturdy outsole studs designed to provide maximum grip on all surfaces. Their range includes soft leather uppers combined with lightweight yet strong outsoles made using special PU material, which ensures better control over ball movements while providing excellent traction on firm grounds.

They also have unique lacing systems that ensure a secure fit throughout the game without compromising breathability or comfort levels.

The brands mentioned above are known to produce some of the best football boots under 2000 in India; however, other reliable names like Adidas, Puma, and Nike offer high-performance footwear too.

Depending upon individual needs such as position played or playing conditions, one should carefully select a pair of football shoes according to their preference keeping factors like weight, sole type (hard/turf), size, features, etc., in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to find good quality football shoes for under 2000?

When it comes to football shoes, many people assume that the quality must be sacrificed if they are looking for a product within the 2000 INR budget range. However, this does not have to be the case; in fact, several good-quality options are available at such an affordable price point.
One can find suitable products without compromising quality by considering factors like material composition and construction techniques. It is possible to purchase high-performing football shoes for under 2000 INR, which provide enough cushioning and grip for playing on different surfaces.
Therefore, with careful research and consideration of specific features, players can acquire decent footwear at a reasonable cost.

Are there any special features that make football shoes better than regular shoes?

Regarding football shoes, several features make them better than regular shoes.
Football shoes typically have a rubber sole for added traction and stability and increased flexibility for agility and quick turns during play.
Most football shoes also feature a lightweight design, allowing players to move quickly without sacrificing comfort or protection.
Additionally, some styles of football shoes may come with shock-absorbing insoles which can help reduce the impacts of hard landings while running around the pitch.
With all these special features in mind, it is clear why football shoes are designed specifically for playing the game of soccer.

How long do football shoes typically last?

Football shoes are designed to be incredibly durable and provide a high level of protection for their user, with the average pair lasting anywhere from six months to two years.
For example, professional footballers who play regularly may need to replace their shoes after only one season due to the amount of wear they receive during matches and training sessions.
On the other hand, players at amateur or recreational levels may find that their shoes can last over two seasons if they are properly taken care of and not exposed to too much wear and tear.
Regardless of playing style, maintenance is essential to keep footwear in top condition; this includes cleaning regularly and ensuring any areas showing signs of damage are repaired quickly.

Are football shoes suitable for playing other sports?

Football shoes are designed to provide optimal traction and stability when playing football, making them suitable for other sports such as basketball or rugby.
However, due to their design, they may offer a different level of protection or cushioning than is necessary for more strenuous activities like running or tennis.
It should also be noted that some specific features in football boots can even make it difficult to play other sports effectively.
For example, cleats on certain football shoes could cause issues with pivoting and turning quickly while playing basketball.
Therefore, although football shoes are suitable for playing various sports, their performance will vary depending on which type is chosen and what activity is being played.

What is the best way to care for football shoes?

Whether you’re a budding footballer or an enthusiast, taking proper care of your football shoes is paramount to ensure they last long.
Quality leather football boots require special attention, as improper handling can lead to discoloration and damage.
The best way to keep them pristine is by regularly cleaning the surface with a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water and mild detergent.
After each use, it’s also important to allow the footwear to air dry naturally instead of using heat sources such as hair dryers or radiators, which could potentially damage them.
Furthermore, it would be ideal if, after every few wears, you apply some waterproofing agent like wax on the upper part of your shoe for additional protection against dirt and moisture.
With these tips and tricks in mind, you can ensure that your cherished pair of football shoes stay fresh and clean and perform at their best all season long.

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