Best Football Boots under 1000

9 Best Football Boots under 1000 ₹ for Strikers

The football boot is an essential part of any footballer’s kit. With the right pair, footballers can improve their performance on the field.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the nine best football boots under 1000 ₹ given current market trends and consumer reviews. Each boot is evaluated based on its design, durability, comfort, and price point. It is important to note that these boots are ideal for intermediate-level players and those who require a reliable pair of shoes to play in all weather conditions.

The football boots in this article range from mid-range to high-end models, providing a great selection for quality performance at a reasonable price point. Furthermore, each boot has been carefully considered based on its features and benefits to provide readers with an informed opinion about which shoes best suit their needs.

Comparison of Best Football Boots under 1000 ₹

#1 FEROC Rubber Football Shoes for Men

Wearing a complacent material shoe is a necessity while playing a football game. If you are looking for the best football shoes under 1000 in India, FEROC Rubber Football Shoes for Men is a good choice for this budget range.

The upper material of this shoe is made with PU synthetic leather. This sports shoe has lace-up closure with nonwoven insoles. This is designed to ensure protection against injuries. This shoe offers long-term substance, which is ideal for professional training.

Moreover, this shoe is lightweight and offers a flexible toe area so that your foot gets the right stability while on the go. It is budget-friendly and ideal for grass pitches, giving your feet a better grip while you play. Its ankle length provides a snug fit which prevents injuries. In addition to providing a lot of support, this shoe offers better cushioning and comfort to your feet.


  • PU outsole and lightweight EVA insole allow it to play smoothly on hard grounds.
  • The shoe comes in at a very reasonable price for its quality.
  • It is quite flexible and water-resistant.


  • This is the only limitation of this product.
  • Few users have mentioned that it is not good for hard ground surfaces.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its value for money and lightweight feature.

#2 AIVIN First Strike Football Stud for Men

AIVIN is undoubtedly one of the reputed sports brands that always unveils top-notch sports gear for ambitious sports players and others. As a brand, it brings you this superb football shoe with a lace-up closure that automatically fits correctly.

It is a strengthening product that is versed with a pre-molded TPU. It is a Lightweight insole that delivers better grip and comfort. It has a soft inner lining with a molded removable EVA sock liner. This adds an extra layer of plush step-in comfort.

This pair of football boots deliver superior grip and flexibility. It keeps your feet dry with its detachable lining. Given its strong build, this shoe will likely last you a few years. Its high-shear strength TPU sole delivers better comfort and rapid traction.

It has an incredible quality for its price. Its upper sole is made with direct injection molding technology, which makes it a single-component shoe. Thus it offers extra comfort to the players even during the long hours on the field.


  • These shoes have a comfortable lining which keeps your feet dry.
  • It is extremely pocket friendly.
  • The boots provide excellent grip and protect the player’splayer’s toes from injuries.


  • Single-color availability is the only con this product has.

We rate this product a 4.3-star rating for its value for money and better traction features.

#3 Nivia Encounter 9.0 F.B Stud Football Shoes

The Nivia Encounter shoes are a great pair of football boots designed to offer great comfort and support to the player. The boots have an EVA sole that offers stability and grip on all-natural surfaces. This brand Nivia is one of the best football boots brands.

These ankle-length shoes feel like a soft cushion fitted inside, providing extra protection. This football stud is crafted using high-quality PVC synthetic leather on the upper side, which offers enhanced grip and ball control.

Nivia brand has been known for its best-quality shoes for football beginners. Its insole is lightweight and has Die Cut soft cushion sock liner, adding a plush step-in comfort layer. The full-length outsole provides good acceleration on firm ground surfaces.

It has a high-shear TPU sole that provides an irritation-free fit and delivers stability on the grass fields. It reduces the bulk layer of the weight lacing system.


  • This beginner football shoe is one of the best football boots under 1000.
  • It is very comfortable and looks professional.
  • Its lightweight PV Synthetic leather offers durability.


  • The studs were not the proper size in the back, which gives pain in that area.

We rate this product 4-star for its perfect design and breathable nature.

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#4 Vector X Charged-X Football Shoes for Men

Another brand in the shoe industry popular for manufacturing football equipment is the Vector brand. They offer innovative and excellent quality sports gear for aspiring football players. This shoe model delivers ball control and a better grip on artificial grass carpets and hard surfaces.

This pair of football studs has a sole material of TPU which is perfect for football players. Its outer material is made of synthetic leather. It is designed so there are no chances of skidding while playing the game.

It is great for grass pitch due to its molded heel counter, which gives a secure heel fit and protection. Its upper body is enhanced with embossed and oriented details. Some of the other features include double color high strength soles PU sole.

It comes with a padded ankle collar with a padded footbed, well-cushioned, and full lacing fastening that delivers comfort performance mode. The sole material provides a soft touch cushion with better durability. This model is one of the best studs under 1000 owing to its firm and innovative design.

Vector X Charged-X Football Shoes for Men
  • Double Colour High strength TPU sole.Padded ankle collar, Padded Footbed, Cushioned, Full lace fastening.


  • It is one of the flexible shows from the brand.
  • The ankle of the foot is covered with cushioned material so that injury will not hurt the ankle.
  • These stylish shoes can be worn on different occasions.
  • It is one of the best shoes for beginner footballers.


  • The only con is that there is no warranty on studs.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its comfortable grip.

#5 Nivia Carbonite Football Stud for Mens

This Nivia Carbonite Football stud has extraordinary features and is one of a kind. This product delivers exceptional comfort on grass fields and does not halt the enjoyment of your game. The sole of this sole is made from premium PVC synthetic leather.

This provides ball control and tackling. It comes with a die-cut soft cushion sock liner, adding an extra layer of plush step-in comfort. The toes are designed in such a way that offers plenty of grip on striking surfaces.

The inner sole is made with a nonwoven insole which is lightweight. That’sThat’s why it delivers more comfort and grip on various surfaces. Another feature of this shoe includes a high-shear TPU sole which delivers better stability and traction.


  • The sole is made of premium quality for enhanced durability.
  • It is irritation-free and offers additional comfort to your feet.
  • It has excellent stability and traction.


  • Few users have shown discomfort due to its small size and faulty design.

We rate this product 4-star for its excellent quality and extra comfort on firm ground surfaces.

#6 SEGA Mens Football Shoes

The brand Sega is an emerging name in the football shoe industry. And this shoe is for all the aggressive players who love kicking the ball and earning goals. Its sole is made of faux leather and has lace-up closure. It’s lightweight and is perfect for all types of surfaces.

This football stud from the Sega brand has medium width and regular fit type. This shoe is good for shooting, passing, and running and offers exceptional comfort. Sega shoes look even better than in the images.

Along with this, the offered football shoe ensures no water retention. It provides you with extra protection and has a soft cushion in it. The comfort of your feet is very well cared for by these Sega shoes. This shoe has an artificial turf stud pattern and is so rigid that it can be used on hard surfaces.


  • Sega shoes offer extra comfort and durability.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It has water-resistant and enhanced traction.


  • If the shoes are overwashed, then the paint can come out.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its efficiency on a hard playground.

#7 Vector X Carbon-X Football Shoes for Men

Nothing is better than the round stud in the football cleats, allowing you to move easily in every direction. It offers enhanced grip with proper focus.

And guess what? This shoe model from the Vector brand is super sturdy. It delivers high-performing football shoes that fall into your budget. It is perfect for all choices of players. This shoe secures a stable fit with its TPU sole material. Its outer sole is made of synthetic leather, which improves your grip and balance.

These carbon – x football shoes from the Vector brand have synthetic leather as their upper sole. This provides durability and a soft touch. It comes with a medium shoe width. Its high traction sole helps to grip firm ground surfaces. This pair of shoes comes with a molded heel counter which helps to secure heel fit and protect your toes.

Some of the other features of this shoe include a padded ankle collar, padded footbed, and cushioned full lace fastening with TPU high-strength sole. It’s good quality at this point, and we assure you that you will be satisfied by any means if you purchase this football stud.


  • It helps to secure heel fit and protects the toe area.
  • The shoes are incredibly lightweight, which makes them perfect for quick movement.
  • The product has a nice quality stud.


  • Although you can play with these boots on hard surfaces. But it can decrease its life term.

We rate this product a 4.5 rating for its flexibility and keeping you in your comfort zone.

#8 NIVIA Ashtang Football Stud for Men

Nivia Ashtang comes up with this exquisite football shoe in green color. This football shoe is made with a faux leather material with a knitted collar rib. The boots feature TPU outsole for excellent ball control and tackling use on grass fields and hard surfaces. It has a medium shoe width and a molded removable EVA sock liner. This acts as an extra layer of plush step-in comfort.

This pair of shoes has a high-shear TPU sole, providing stability and traction on the ground. It offers perfect grip in all multi-directional movements. Its outer portion has two layers of cushion which manage the energy level and provide excellent comfort. Its pre-molded TPU insole provides a better grip on striking surfaces.

NIVIA Ashtang Football Stud for Men
  • PU Synthetic leather with knitted Collar rib and TPU film .TPU embossed toe front offers excellent ball control and tackling
  • A moulded Removable E.VA (SPORTHO FOOT FIRM ) sockliner exists as an extra layer of plush,step-in comfort.
  • Pre-molded TPU Light weight insole provide more comfort and grip


  • It offers durability and extra comfort on your toes.
  • These shoes help you play without getting injured.
  • It helps you balance on the ground with its traction.


  • Only there are a few color options we have in this product.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its outstanding quality.

#9 SEGA Micro Football Shoes

Lastly, we have this football shoe from the SEGA brand at an affordable price. This shoe delivers extra comfort and enhanced traction with its rubber sole. It has lace-up closure with medium width and a heel height of one inch. Its ankle length is such that it provides a better grip and holds the ankle tight. Thus it prevents injuries on the toes area.

This pair of shoes offers a good response during the play, which is ideal. The TPU sole is of high shear strength, suitable on all types of surfaces. Itmoldeded EVA insole provides better cushioning and comfort. The shape of the toe is round for better grip and stability. They are resistant to water, oil, and grease in any situation.


  • It is a budget-friendly product.
  • It also helps you run faster with its great grip and prevent injury.
  • The studs are so good and comfortable.


  • The main problem with this shoe is that it doesn’tdoesn’t come in a box.
  • The color quality of this shoe is average.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its lightweight and durable features.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Football Boots

When it comes to finding the best football boots under 1000 ₹, there are various factors to consider. Comfort, quality, and performance are all key aspects that should be considered when choosing the right pair of football shoes.

A good pair of boots should provide comfort and protection for your feet during play and an excellent grip on the playing surface. Breathability, fit, waterproofing, and studs are also important features to look for, as they provide a secure footing and increased control of the ball.

Nivia, Sega & other leading sports brands offer football shoes under 1000 ₹ that tick all the right boxes.

Whether you’re looking for classic studs or more modern molded soles, you’ll find something to suit your needs. The best football shoes under 1000 ₹ will provide great traction on firm surfaces while allowing you to move freely around the pitch. In addition, if you opt for lightweight materials like mesh uppers, you can enjoy maximum breathability and agility on the field.

  • Comfort

When it comes to football shoes under 1000 ₹, comfort is a key factor to consider.

The common playing surfaces are hard, unforgiving, and often intimidating. To ensure that players can take control of their performance mode, they must not compromise on comfort.

  • Cushioning

A volleyball shoe must be comfortable, mostly when jumping and landing on hard surfaces. That’s why it should have adequate cushioning, providing comfort during the game. Make sure cushioning provides enough shock absorption and support. Because without proper cushioning, you will feel the shock, not to mention it can lead to many ankle injuries.

  • Traction

Traction is a key feature when selecting football boots under 1000 ₹.

The right combination of football studs, futsal soles, and cleats enables players to have enhanced grip and superior control over their performance on the field.

Nivia Football Shoes under 1000 ₹ are designed to provide excellent grip and stability, allowing players to easily make quick turns and sharp cuts.

With the advanced technology incorporated into the designs of these shoes, players can be sure of having enhanced traction for better ball control and agility.

The specially designed studs also ensure no traction loss even in wet conditions, ensuring that players can always maintain an excellent grip on the ground.

Different Types of Football Boots

Football boots come in many shapes and materials, commonly leather, synthetic, and indoor.

Leather football boots offer a classic look and may be more durable than synthetic materials.

Synthetic football boots are often more lightweight and comfortable than leather and are more affordable.

Indoor football boots offer more grip and better traction than other materials, making them ideal for playing on artificial surfaces.

All three materials can be found in boots that cost under 1000 ₹, allowing players to find the right boot for their needs without being heavy on their pocket.

It is important to research the different materials and features of the boots to ensure the best fit and performance.

Football Boot TypesMaterialsAdvantagesDisadvantages
Leather Football BootsLeather, TPUDurable, great touch, superior ball controlExpensive
Synthetic Football BootsSynthetic materialsLightweight, comfortable, affordable, good ball control and tractionNot as durable as leather
Indoor Football BootsVarious materialsMore grip and better traction on artificial surfaces, excellent comfortLimited use on outdoor surfaces
  • Leather Football Boots

For players seeking out the best football boots, leather is often preferred.

Leather boots offer a durable, striking surface and provide a great touch on the ball, allowing for superior control. This makes them an ideal choice for those players who play in midfield or defense, as they require excellent ball control to excel in their position.

The downside with this type of boot is that they can be quite expensive compared to entry-level models made from synthetic materials. However, if the price is not a concern, leather football boots are an excellent choice for players looking to make the most of their performance on the pitch.

Furthermore, many modern pairs of football boots feature a combination of leather and TPU soles, which offer comfort and durability at an affordable cost.

  • Synthetic Football Boots

Synthetic football boots are an excellent choice for players looking to make the most of their performance on artificial grass carpets and other surfaces. As they are typically more affordable than leather boots, they can be a great option for beginner footballers who are just starting out or those who cannot afford pricier models.

Synthetic football shoes usually provide comfort and good ball control and traction, making them a great choice for players looking for cleats with control performance. Moreover, some synthetic football boots have a comfort performance mode that allows you to switch between traditional firm ground and softer turf fields.

As such, synthetic football boots offer a great shoe choice to suit any player’splayer’s needs and budget.

  • Indoor Football Boots

Indoor football is a fast-paced and exciting sport, and players must have the right shoe type to perform their best.

There are a variety of indoor football boots on the market, ranging from futsal shoes under 1000 ₹, designed with fluorescent soles and comfort in mind, to models suitable for entry-level players.

These shoes provide excellent choices for all levels of players and offer exceptional comfort while providing plenty of grips.

To ensure maximum traction on indoor surfaces, investing in some quality grip socks may also be beneficial.

With so many options available, there is sure to be an indoor football boot that meets any player’splayer’s needs and budget.


It is important to research what type of football boot best suits one’sone’s needs and preferences.

Different boots are suitable for different surfaces, so it is important to consider the playing conditions when selecting a pair of boots.

It is also essential to ensure the boots fit properly and is broken in properly before playing in them.

A good quality pair of football boots can range from under 1000 ₹ , making them affordable for many players.

There are also specially designed football boots for those with wide feet, allowing them to enjoy their time on the pitch safely and comfortably.

With so many different options in the market today, finding the perfect pair of football boots does not have to be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of football boot for playing on wet surfaces?

When playing football on wet surfaces, the best type of boot offers superior grip and water resistance.
1. The ideal football boot should have a non-slip sole with studs designed to provide traction even in wet conditions.
2. It should also have a waterproof upper layer to prevent water from entering the boot and affecting its breathability.
3. The boot should be lightweight and flexible, allowing for optimal comfort and maneuverability without compromising the stability of your feet.

How can I make sure my football boots fit properly?

Finding the perfect fit for your football boots is essential for optimizing performance on the pitch.
It cannot be easy to know how a pair of boots will feel without trying them on, but there are several steps you can take to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
1. Select a size that conforms to the shape of your feet.
2. Ensure you have enough room in the toe area and adequate support around the ankle and heel.
3. Consider the lacing system and type of materials used in construction – leather generally molds itself better to the foot than synthetic materials.
4. Finally, always test out your boots before committing to a purchase. Walk around in them and perform basic kicking motions to ensure they are comfortable and provide enough protection.

What is the best way to break in new football boots?

Breaking in new football boots can be an important step for any athlete, as it helps to ensure optimal performance and comfort.
The best way to break in new football boots is by gradually wearing them during practice sessions and matches rather than in one long session.
It will ensure that the material of the boot softens as it molds to the shape of the foot while also giving time for any potential discomfort or irritation to dissipate.
Additionally, applying wax or leather cream can help to soften the material of the boot, which may contribute even further to a comfortable fit.

How much should I expect to spend on a good quality pair of football boots?

For those looking to purchase a good quality pair of football boots, the cost can vary greatly depending on the style and features you are looking for.
Generally speaking, you can expect to spend anywhere from ₹ 500 – ₹ 20,000 for a well-made pair of football boots that offer superior comfort, durability, and performance.
You may be able to find cheaper options, but they will likely not hold up in the long run or provide as much support and cushioning. It is also worth to be noted that features like studs or blades can add to the cost.
Ultimately, investing in a good quality pair of football boots is worth it to get the most out of your game.

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