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7 Best Volleyball Shoes Available in India To Ace The Game

Finding your footing and dominating the game with the ultimate support and performance of the best shoes for volleyball in India in this article. We all know volleyball is a high-intensity game requiring sudden movements, quick stops, constant jumping, and landing on hard surfaces. One of the best ways to prevent injuries, protect your feet, and manage your swift changes in direction is by getting a pair of the best volleyball shoes.

Volleyball shoes are specially designed with lightweight rubber bottoms and supportive padding as features that enable fast cuts and continuous leaping.

The best volleyball shoe should help you jump at full speed and let you move around the court with stability, traction, and cushioning so that you can perform at your best and avoid any injuries. Moreover, it should be made of high-quality material to withstand the rigors of the game. At the same time, it should reduce the impact of the risk of blisters and other foot problems.

There are numerous brands of shoes for volleyball. But finding the best volleyball shoes in India is a daunting task. However, we’ve got you covered in this article with the best outdoor volleyball shoes. This will help you to improve your performance and enhance your overall experience on the court.

What are Volleyball Shoes?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good volleyball shoe?

Whether for professional athletes or just beginner player, finding the right pair of shoes is essential to ace the game.

Choosing the best volleyball shoes can be difficult with so many brands and styles available. Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the best 7 volleyball shoes available in India to help take your performance to the next level.

Importance of Selecting the (Right) Volleyball-Specific Shoes

Volleyball is a high-impact sport, and the shoes need to provide enough cushioning and shock absorption to prevent injuries from occurring. The wrong shoes can put extra strain on the body and lead to problems like shin splints and knee pains.

The right pair of proper volleyball shoes can significantly impact a player’s performance.

  • They can provide the support and traction needed for injury protection, help with shock absorption, and keep the player comfortable.
  • The right shoes can provide stability needed to move quickly on the volleyball courts, do lateral movements, and jump for those powerful spikes and blocks.
  • The right shoes can help players move quickly and confidently around the court. Players can maintain their footing and balance better with the right traction and cushioning.

If a player does not have the right shoes, they may slip or be unable to make quick cuts. The right shoes can also help reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, the right shoes can help keep a player comfortable.

Comparison of Best Volleyball Shoes in India

#1 ASICS Gel – Netburner Ballistic Mt Volleyball Shoe

The adaptable ASICS Gel Netburner Ballistic Mt Volleyball Shoe features a lace-up closure with a rubber sole for excellent grip and shock absorption.

ASICS is one of the popular volleyball shoe brands which has designed volleyball shoes to help athletes land more efficiently. These lightweight shoes have a good traction model, which prevents you from slipping. It perfectly fits any occasion and is designed keeping comfort and quality in mind.

Overall it has the best cushioning and transitioning with good fit quality features. The rigid and stable features in it help in the prevention of the ankle. The airflow provided by the lightweight, breathable synthetic mesh top keeps your feet cool. Thus it gives flexibility for good mobility in the court. Also, you can fit into this shoe comfortably if you have a wider foot.


  • This shoe works great for virtually every position on the court. 
  • These shoes are one of the well-cushioned shoe available in the market.
  • It has a breathable upper mesh and fantastic traction.
  • It offers lightweight support, which is ideal for volleyballers.
  • Being lightweight makes it awesome volleyball shoes.


  • On the slightly more expensive side.

We rate this product a 4.5 rating for its flexibility and quality.

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#2 Adidas Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe

The women’s crazy flight bounce 3 volleyball shoe from Adidas is designed with lightweight, breathable construction features that allow for a wide range of movement and jumping, making them a popular choice for professional players.

It has a synthetic sole with an adjustable lacing system which softens every landing and offers good comfort to keep you on your toes. Plus, it has an upper mesh that is lightweight and moulded in TPU yams. So that it can provide stability and ventilation in the court for you; additionally, each agile movement is maintained by a cushioned midsole which is excellent cushioning.

This is one of the best shoes for volleyball for women. It is a great pick for an experienced player looking for a stable, competitive shoe.


  • This shoe provides forefoot support and enables players to make sure cuts.
  • It has a great grip on the floor and is of excellent quality.
  • This comfy white shoe is lightweight, which promotes good ventilation.


  • White shoes are hard to clean.
  • It is better for a narrow format.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its stability and abrasion resistance.

#3 Spartan 334 Badminton/Volleyball Shoes

These Spartan Badminton/Volleyball shoes offer excellent stability and share the title of ‘best budget shoe’ in this list. It features PU outer material and cotton as its inner material, keeping them sturdy.

The rubber outsole of these sneakers is highly waterproof and easy to maintain. Midfoot support will make all your moves to control with ease. In terms of stability, it has lightweight stability, which allows your feet to feel like a feather. Above all, they do what any good volleyball shoe should do, which means it makes you feel confident in your body and how it moves.


  • This Spartan model has a soft rubber sole and is flexible.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It offers excellent shock absorption and great ankle support.


  • Pretty average cushioning system, so not ideal for anyone who does large amounts of spiking.

We rate this product a 4.4 rating for its super responsive and lightweight quality.

#4 Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 Mid Volleyball Shoe

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this pair of shoes from the Mizuno brand. The Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 Mid Volleyball Shoe is one of the models from Mizuno Wave.

It offers an excellent quality rubber sole with stellar cushioning and traction. The Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 Mid Volleyball Shoe features wave technology, providing cushion and stability to get you through the entire match comfortably.

Moreover, it is lightweight and features a D-flex groove in the diagonal midfoot area. It has a responsive Eva midsole with the best cushioning to safeguard your joints and feet. That allows an experienced player to turn at maximum speed and speed up their game in 360-degree directions. Thus it improves flexibility, grip, and agility with its engineered mesh, which is extremely breathable.


  • The shoes are made from durable materials; thus, they last longer.
  • It offers a comfortable fit.
  • It has a EVA midsole cushioning giving a best cushioned comfort.
  • These shoes are indeed the perfect volleyball shoes.


  • It is an expensive model from the brand.
  • It may be a small fit for some.

We rate this product 4-star for its breathability, grip, and stability.

#5 Under Armour Men’s Highlight Ace 2.0 Volleyball Shoe

The form and construction of the Under Armour men’s volleyball shoes’ outsole is the key component that sets it apart from other durable shoes. This pair of shoes has firm air mesh in the forefoot, which provides breathability. Moreover, it is a lightweight mesh upper, which offers flexible support and comfort.

In addition, it comes with an extended ankle collar which is super stretchy for easy on/off. Thus it provides excellent retention for extra support and comfort. It has a webbed lockdown lacing system that offers a customized fit and increases stability.

The breathable mesh tongue in this volleyball shoe features a woven wordmark tab detail. Finally, the traction gripped perfectly on wood and plastic courts even with the dust.


  • It offers excellent traction and is made of high-quality material.
  • It provides comfort and style at the same time.
  • Excellent ankle support.


  • It is an expensive product.
  • The fit is not great for a few users.

We rate this product a 4-star rating for its durability and long-term use.

#6 ASICS ROTE Japan Lyte FF 2 Men’s Volleyball Shoes

At a budget-friendly price, these versatile shoes from ASICS are an excellent pick for all-around volleyball players. The responsive rubber sole provides consistent impact and improved cushioning impact.

Moreover, this pair of shoes features mesh paneling FLYTEFOAM propel technology cushioning. Thanks to a thin wave-shaped midsole plate that provides players with enough cushioning and support. Thus this pair of shoes improves players’ performance and provides general support.

Another point is that it comes at an affordable price with lightweight features. That’s why they have great durability and bite on outdoor courts. So you won’t break your bank balance with these and may even get more than you bargained for.


  • It is designed to help professional players with support and durability.
  • Overall it is great in traction and lightweight.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • It may run small.
  • Better for narrow feet.

We rate this product a 4.5 for its affordable cost and comfort features.

#7 YONEX Volleyball/Badminton Shoes Dual

Lastly, the most reliable and high-performance shoe is from YONEX Brand. The boots include a TRU shape which removes pressure and provides a better fit around the toes.

The YONEX Badminton Shoes Dual for Badminton is lightweight and durable; it features Duel Russel Mesh, providing breathability. Moreover, it has a TRU cushion moulded insole, which absorbs maximum shock and offers quick compression recovery. Thus it provides high rebound properties.

This volleyball shoe has a TRUE Cushion midsole, reversing the impact energy and offering smooth transfer into the next movement. Moreover, it is equipped with a carbon sheet which provides robust reinforcement under and outside the center of the foot. Thus it reduces ankle injury and twisting of shoes.


  • Excellent traction and shock absorption.
  • They are easily the most affordable volleyball shoes.
  • These shoes make you feel lightweight and connected while playing the game.


  • Average cushioning system, so not ideal for anyone who does a lot of jumping.

We rate this product a 4.3 rating for its value for money and super efficient features.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Volleyball Shoes

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing volleyball sports shoes that can impact a player’s performance and safety. So wearing the best shoes for volleyball men is one of the best ways to play your best on the court.

  • Fit

The most important factor when purchasing a volleyball shoe is the fit. It should provide enough room to allow your feet to have some movement. This means the shoe must fit snugly but not too loose or tight. A good fit will prevent any injury and improve dynamic motion. Volleyball shoes are designed to provide the support and stability to keep the foot in place and provide a secure fit.

  • Cushioning

A volleyball shoe must be comfortable, mostly when jumping and landing on hard surfaces. That’s why it should have adequate cushioning, providing comfort during the game. Make sure cushioning provides enough shock absorption and support. Because without proper cushioning, you will feel the shock, not to mention it can lead to many ankle injuries.

  • Traction

This will determine how well the shoe has a good grip and keep a player’s foot on indoor courts. So look for shoes with non-marking rubber soles and a tread pattern that provides excellent traction in all directions.

  • Breathability

A volleyball shoe made of good material helps prevent foot problems. A high-quality material volleyball shoe will have a breathable upper to help keep the feet cool and dry, allowing airflow into the shoe.

  • Support

This is another factor when looking at shoes. If a volleyball shoe has good support features like a heel counter, ankle collar, and reinforced midsole. Then it will provide stability and support in the game.

  • Weight

Volleyball shoes should be lightweight to help them move and change direction quickly. You don’t want a show that will slow you down or make it difficult to move around the court. Hence it is important to ensure your shoe has lightweight stability to withstand constant use.

  • Durability

Look for shoes made of exclusive materials that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. The toe cap and outsole should be reinforced to withstand the rigors of the game. It should impact shock absorption to cushion landings and take-offs.

  • Ankle Support

The volleyball game involves a lot of high-intensity movements, so it requires a good amount of ankle protection. As in a volleyball game, a professional player does a lot of spiking and jumping. So you need to opt for a lightweight, flexible shoe that helps prevent ankle injury.

Top Volleyball Shoe Brands in India

Having the right pair of shoes to ace the game is essential when playing volleyball. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the major volleyball shoe brands in India.

  1. Asics: Asics is one of the most popular and reliable brands of volleyball shoes in India. The company offers a wide range of shoes for maximum comfort and stability during play. ASICS’s well-known GEL cushioning helps to reduce the impact on your feet during jumping and running.
  2. Adidas: Adidas is a globally renowned brand and a popular choice among volleyball players in India. Their shoes are designed with the highest quality materials and are made to provide maximum support and cushioning. They also come with a strong traction system that helps to deliver great grip and control on the court.
  3. Puma: Puma is another popular brand of volleyball shoes in India. Their shoes come with a unique combination of cushioning and support which helps to provide the best performance. Puma shoes are also quite durable and are known to last for a long time.
  4. Nike: Nike is a widely known and trusted brand for sports shoes. Their volleyball shoes are built with a lightweight design and feature a unique cushioning system that helps to provide maximum comfort and stability during play. The boots also have a strong traction system for extra grip and control.
  5. Reebok: Reebok is another popular brand of volleyball shoes in India. Their shoes come with a unique combination of cushioning and support that helps to provide the best performance. They also come with a strong traction system for extra grip and control.

Each brand has unique features and prices, so comparing them before purchasing is important. You can find the perfect pair of shoes to boost your performance and help you win the game.

Tips for Taking Care of Volleyball Shoes

Following are the quick tips for taking care of volleyball shoes

  • Regular cleaning is key to taking care of your volleyball shoes. Scrub the soles and uppers regularly with a brush and warm water.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place when not in use to prevent cracking.
  • Additionally, you should regularly check for signs of damage or wear and replace your shoes as needed.
  • Regular maintenance like this can extend the life of your volleyball shoes and keep you on the court longer.


Volleyball shoes are vital for any athlete, and finding the right fit can make all the difference in performance.

Seven of the best volleyball shoes in India can help you ace your game. From price point to wear-and-tear, these shoes offer something for everyone – whether you’re an adult seeking superior support or a youth who requires extra cushioning.

Before purchasing, consider cost, longevity, and special indoor or outdoor play requirements. With the perfect pair of volleyball shoes, you’ll be well on your way to winning every set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are volleyball shoes suitable for other sports?

Absolutely yes! While designed with the game of volleyball in mind, these shoes are perfect for any sport requiring quick direction and stability changes. Many people who play basketball or soccer opt for a pair of volleyball shoes to give them an edge on the court or field.
With their superior cushioning and support, you can be sure your feet remain comfortable during those long hours of practice or competition. So don’t let the name fool you; these specialized shoes work great for multiple sports.

How much do volleyball shoes typically cost?

It can range from very affordable to quite expensive shoes, depending on the brand and quality. Generally, you can find good quality volleyball shoes for around INR 1000 – INR 20,000.
However, if you’re looking for specialty or high-end performance models, that cost could easily exceed several hundred rupees. It’s also important to consider what features are most important to you, as different brands offer various technologies designed specifically for the sport of volleyball.
So be sure to research before investing in a pair of volleyball shoes.

How often should volleyball shoes be replaced?

With proper care and regular replacement of your shoes every 8-10 months, depending on how often they are used, you can ensure that competitive edge from having a good grip on the court surface.
This will help improve agility and reduce fatigue during intense games so you can remain at peak performance levels throughout the match.

Are there any special requirements for indoor or outdoor volleyball shoes?

Volleyball shoes are a unique purchase because they must be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Depending on the surface and playing conditions, special requirements must be met when choosing a pair of volleyball shoes.
For example, those playing indoors may opt for rubber soles with minimal tread to reduce slipping while providing enough grip. In contrast, outdoor players should look for more traction and cushioning to tackle different terrain.

Are there any special considerations for purchasing volleyball shoes for children?

Irony may be the perfect choice to describe purchasing volleyball shoes for children – a seemingly unimportant task that can have major implications.
Check for the size fit of the shoe, which will play an important role in how comfortable they feel on their feet.
Don’t forget about cushioning, breathability, and durability, too.
Ultimately, choosing a high-quality product with features designed specifically for kids is key if you want them to get the maximum performance out of their new footwear.

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