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Top 14 Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs for Wedding With Price

Are you ready to rock your wedding day like a star on the red carpet? Look no further, because we have got the ultimate guide to the top 14 latest bridal lehenga designs that will make you feel like a queen!

From classic reds to trendy pinks, from cozy velvets to elegant ivories, we have covered it all. These exquisite lehenga designs will not only make you look stunning but also give you the freedom to express your unique style.

So get ready to shine and slay on your big day!

Key Takeaways

  • Red is a classic color choice for bridal lehengas and represents the desi aspect of weddings.
  • Velvet is a perfect choice for winter weddings as it provides warmth and comfort.
  • Ivory bridal lehengas in white shades create a modern and ethereal bridal look.
  • Floral lehengas with intricate designs add vibrancy and freshness to the bridal attire.

Red Bridal Lehenga Designs

For your wedding, consider opting for a red bridal lehenga design to exude timeless elegance and traditional charm. Red bridal lehenga designs have always been a classic choice for brides. They symbolize the desi aspect of weddings and are perfect for those who want to embrace their cultural roots.

Whether it's an embroidered, embellished, or intricately zari worked lehenga, red never fails to make a statement. These designs are trending among brides who desire a traditional yet fashionable look. From deep maroons to vibrant scarlets, there are various shades of red to choose from.

Pink Bridal Lehenga Designs

Choose from a variety of stunning pink bridal lehenga designs to add a touch of femininity and elegance to your wedding look. Pink is the preferred color after red and it's currently trending among celebrities. From soft pastel shades to bold fuchsia hues, there's a wide range of options to choose from.

You can opt for a traditional lehenga style with intricate embroidery and zari work, or go for a more contemporary design with modern cuts and silhouettes. Celebrity-inspired pink lehenga designs are also a popular choice, giving you the chance to channel your inner diva on your special day.

Whether you want a soft and romantic look or a bold and glamorous appearance, pink bridal lehengas are the perfect choice for a modern bride.

Velvet Bridal Lehenga Designs

Get ready to embrace luxury and elegance with velvet bridal lehenga designs. Velvet is a perfect choice for winter weddings, as it provides warmth and comfort while giving you a regal and royal appearance.

This luxurious and elegant fabric is seen in top designer brands like Sabyasachi, adding to its appeal. Velvet bridal lehengas are often adorned with intricate embroidery, making them even more stunning. The price range for velvet lehengas varies depending on the designer and the level of embroidery.

You can find velvet bridal lehenga designs with embroidery online, where you can also find the price details. So, if you want to make a statement on your big day, consider opting for a velvet bridal lehenga.

Brocade Bridal Lehenga Designs

When searching for a bridal lehenga that adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit, consider brocade designs available in bright colors and patterns. Brocade bridal lehenga designs offer a unique blend of tradition and contemporary style, allowing you to embrace your individuality while still honoring your cultural heritage.

With intricate stitching and a light, elegant fabric, brocade lehengas are perfect for brides who want to make a statement. You can choose from a variety of brocade designs, ranging from traditional motifs to more modern patterns. When styling your brocade lehenga, opt for statement jewelry that complements the intricate detailing.

Additionally, brocade fabric offers a distinct texture and look compared to silk fabric, making it a standout choice for your bridal ensemble. So, embrace the beauty of brocade and let it elevate your wedding day look.

Ivory Bridal Lehenga Designs

For a modern and ethereal bridal look, consider opting for an ivory bridal lehenga that gives you a fresh and elegant appearance. Ivory bridal lehengas are increasingly popular among celebrities and offer a unique twist on the traditional white wedding dress.

Here are some styling tips and unique embellishments to enhance your ivory bridal lehenga:

  1. Silver Embroidery or Zari Work: Pair your ivory lehenga with intricate silver embroidery or zari work to add a touch of glamour and sophistication.
  2. Delicate Lace Details: Incorporate delicate lace details into your ivory lehenga for a romantic and feminine look.
  3. Pearl and Crystal Embellishments: Adorn your lehenga with pearl and crystal embellishments to create a subtle shimmer and enhance the elegance of the outfit.
  4. Sheer Dupatta: Opt for a sheer dupatta with delicate embroidery or sequins to add a dreamy and whimsical element to your bridal ensemble.

With these unique embellishments and styling tips, you can create a serene and elegant bridal look with an ivory bridal lehenga. Embrace your individuality and showcase your personal style on your special day.

Pastel Bridal Lehenga Designs

To achieve a soft and romantic bridal look, consider opting for pastel bridal lehenga designs that feature light tones like pink, beige, and mint shades, which add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding attire.

Pastel lehenga designs are perfect for summer weddings, as they exude a refreshing and breezy vibe. These designs often incorporate intricate embroidery, which adds a luxurious and intricate touch to the overall look. From delicate floral patterns to intricate motifs, the embroidery on pastel bridal lehengas enhances the beauty of the outfit and adds a unique charm.

Whether you choose a blush pink lehenga with silver embroidery or a mint green lehenga with gold zari work, pastel bridal lehenga designs are sure to make you look like a dreamy and ethereal bride.

Glittery Gold Bridal Lehenga Designs

Get ready to shine on your big day with glittery gold bridal lehenga designs that will make you the center of attention. When choosing your bridal lehenga, consider the allure of glittery gold over silver and grey designs. Here's why:

  1. Glittery gold bridal lehenga designs exude opulence and glamour, making you feel like a true queen on your special day.
  2. The shimmering gold fabric paired with intricate gold or silver zari work adds an extra sparkle to your ensemble, ensuring all eyes are on you.
  3. If you're looking to make a statement with your bridal lehenga, opt for designs with ruffles. The cascading layers of ruffles create a modern and trendy look, perfect for a fashion-forward bride who wants to stand out.
  4. On the other hand, if you want to embrace tradition and add a regal touch to your outfit, go for double dupatta bridal lehenga designs. Tucking one dupatta to the side and draping the other over your head creates a timeless and elegant look that exudes grandeur.

Silver and Grey Bridal Lehenga Designs

Why should you consider silver and grey bridal lehenga designs for your wedding day?

Silver and grey lehengas offer a unique and modern twist to the traditional bridal attire. With their intricate styles and ivory finish, they create a sophisticated and elegant look that's sure to make you stand out.

These stunning lehengas can be found online with price details, making it easier for you to choose the perfect one that suits your budget.

To style a silver or grey lehenga, you can pair it with statement jewelry in silver or diamond accents. Opt for a bold makeup look with smokey eyes and bold lips to complement the overall outfit.

Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor have rocked silver and grey lehengas at their weddings, proving that this color choice is both trendy and glamorous.

Floral Bridal Lehenga Designs

You can always find a variety of intricate and vibrant floral bridal lehenga designs that add vibrancy and freshness to your wedding attire. These designs incorporate nature-inspired elements and utilize floral embroidery techniques to create stunning patterns.

Here are some key features of floral bridal lehenga designs:

  1. Incorporating Nature Inspired Elements: Floral bridal lehengas use intricate designs inspired by nature, such as blooming flowers, leaves, and vines. These elements add a touch of elegance and grace to the overall look.
  2. Using Different Fabrics to Create a Unique Floral Pattern: Designers use a variety of fabrics like silk, organza, and georgette to create a unique floral pattern. The fabric choice adds depth and texture to the design, enhancing its overall appeal.
  3. Floral Motifs in Different Sizes and Shapes: Floral bridal lehengas showcase floral motifs in various sizes and shapes. From delicate buds to bold blossoms, these motifs create a visually appealing and enchanting effect.
  4. Floral Embroidery Techniques: Floral bridal lehengas feature exquisite embroidery techniques like zardozi, thread work, and sequin embellishments. These techniques bring the floral designs to life, adding a touch of luxury and opulence to the outfit.

Floral bridal lehenga designs are a perfect choice for brides who want to embrace their feminine side and add a romantic touch to their wedding ensemble.

Color Blocked Bridal Lehenga Designs

Choose a color blocked bridal lehenga design that combines contrasting shades to create a stunning and eye-catching look on your wedding day.

Color blocked lehengas are a modern twist on traditional bridal wear, perfect for the bride who wants to make a bold fashion statement. These lehengas feature bright tones paired with contrasting shades, making the overall look gorgeous and unique.

Whether you opt for vibrant blues and pinks or bold reds and blacks, a color blocked lehenga is sure to turn heads and make you stand out on your special day.

Embrace the freedom to express your individuality and style with these modern bridal lehengas that are sure to make you feel confident and beautiful.

Lehenga Designs With Ruffles

For a modern and trendy bridal look, opt for lehenga designs with ruffles that will add a stylish touch to your outfit. These unique patterns are perfect for brides who want to stand out and make a fashion statement on their big day.

Here are four reasons why you should consider choosing bridal lehenga designs with ruffles:

  1. Adds a touch of uniqueness: Ruffles add a modern and contemporary element to your bridal attire, making it stand out from traditional designs. The cascading layers of ruffles create a dynamic and eye-catching look that's sure to turn heads.
  2. Indo-modern fusion: Lehenga designs with ruffles combine the elegance of traditional Indian bridal wear with a modern twist. The ruffles can be incorporated in the dupatta or blouse, giving you an indo-modern look that's both trendy and chic.
  3. Stylish and fashionable: Ruffles are a popular trend in the fashion industry, and incorporating them into your bridal lehenga will make you look stylish and fashionable. The unique patterns and textures created by the ruffles will add a contemporary touch to your overall bridal look.
  4. Creates a voluminous silhouette: Ruffles add volume and dimension to your lehenga, creating a flattering silhouette that enhances your curves. Whether you choose a subtle ruffle detailing or go all out with a statement ruffle design, the voluminous effect will make you look glamorous and confident on your special day.

Fringe and Feather Bridal Lehenga Designs

Adding an element of glamour and playfulness, fringe and feather bridal lehenga designs are perfect for brides who want to make a statement on their big day. These designs feature delicate feathers or fringe embellishments that add movement and texture to the outfit.

The feathers can be strategically placed on the lehenga skirt, blouse, or dupatta, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

The fringe, on the other hand, can be used to create a playful and flirty vibe.

Whether you choose feathers or fringe, these bridal lehenga designs are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Double Dupatta Bridal Lehenga Designs

Get ready to elevate your bridal look with the royal charm of two dupattas in these stunning Double Dupatta Bridal Lehenga Designs. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern approach, double dupatta styling is the perfect way to add an extra layer of elegance to your bridal ensemble.

Here are four reasons why you should consider this trend:

  1. Traditional Regality: Tucking one dupatta to the side and draping the other over your head creates a traditional and regal bridal look. It adds a touch of grandeur and sophistication to your overall outfit, making you feel like a queen on your special day.
  2. Versatility: With two dupattas, you have the freedom to experiment with different draping styles. You can drape one dupatta over your head and use the other as a cape or shoulder drape. This allows you to create unique and eye-catching looks that reflect your personal style.
  3. Enhanced Detailing: Having two dupattas gives you the opportunity to showcase intricate embroidery, embellishments, or zari work in a more prominent way. You can use one dupatta to highlight the intricate details on your blouse or lehenga, while the other adds a touch of elegance to your overall look.
  4. Modern Twist: While double dupatta styling is traditionally rooted, it can also be given a modern twist. You can experiment with different fabrics, colors, and textures to create a contemporary and fashion-forward bridal look. It allows you to strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, making you stand out on your big day.

Bridal Lehenga Designs With Unique Colors

Stand out on your big day with bridal lehenga designs that feature unique and vibrant colors like vibrant blue, emerald green, yellow, lavender, or purple shades, and create a new trend that becomes the talk of the town.

These unique color combinations offer a refreshing twist to the traditional red and pink bridal lehengas. Imagine walking down the aisle in a stunning emerald green lehenga or twirling on the dance floor in a vibrant blue ensemble.

The customization options for bridal lehengas are endless, allowing you to choose the perfect shade and design that reflects your individual style and personality. Whether you opt for a bold and vibrant color or a soft and pastel hue, these unique color choices will make you stand out as a modern and fashion-forward bride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find the Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs in Unique Colors Like Vibrant Blue or Emerald Green?

You can find bridal lehenga designs in pastel shades at various online stores and designer boutiques. They offer a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to create a modern and subtle bridal look.

How Can I Incorporate Ruffles Into My Bridal Lehenga Design for a Modern and Trendy Look?

To achieve a modern and trendy look with your bridal lehenga, consider incorporating ruffles. Add ruffled details to the dupatta or blouse for a stylish touch. Experiment with different fabrics and lengths for unique ruffled designs.

What Are Some Unique Color Options Available for Bridal Lehenga Designs?

Looking for a bridal lehenga in a unique color? Explore vibrant shades like blue, emerald green, yellow, lavender, or purple. Make a statement with your choice and be the talk of the town.

Are There Any Specific Celebrities Who Have Been Seen Wearing Pink Bridal Lehenga Designs?

Yes, there are specific celebrities who have been seen wearing pink bridal lehenga designs. Pink lehengas are currently trending and are a popular choice among brides.

Can You Provide Some Examples of Color Blocked Bridal Lehenga Designs That Highlight Contrasting Shades?

Color blocked bridal lehenga designs highlight contrasting shades, creating a stunning and eye-catching look. Bright tones paired with contrasting colors make the overall outfit gorgeous and unique. Perfect for making a bold fashion statement.


Get ready to dazzle on your wedding day with these exquisite bridal lehenga designs. Whether you prefer the traditional red or want to make a bold fashion statement with color-blocked or ruffled lehengas, we've you covered.

From velvet for winter weddings to ivory and pastel for a modern twist, there's something for every bride-to-be. So, embrace your regal and elegant side and find the perfect lehenga that reflects your unique style.

Your big day deserves nothing less than perfection!

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