What Shoes To Wear With Kurta

What Shoes To Wear With Kurta?

Are you looking for the perfect shoes to pair with your kurta? You’re in luck! We’ve got the scoop on the best options, from classic sneakers to modern mules.

Whether you want something sophisticated or edgy, we’ll help you find the footwear that fits your style and expresses your freedom.

Read on to discover which shoes will put the finishing touches on your kurta look!

Key Takeaways

  • Sneakers offer both comfort and style when paired with a kurta outfit.
  • Sandals provide comfort and can be chosen to complement the kurta outfit.
  • Mules add a modern touch to any kurta outfit and can be paired with cropped or straight-leg trousers.
  • Loafers can elevate any look and provide a timeless design when matched with the color of the kurta.


You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers when wearing a kurta! From wedges and slides, to espadrilles and oxfords, there are plenty of sneaker styles that will add a modern edge to your outfit.

Go for bold colors or classic white–the choice is yours! Be daring and mix it up with contrast laces or keep it cool with tonal shades.

With sneakers, you’ll be comfortable while making a fashion statement–sneakers offer the perfect blend of style and freedom.


For sandals, opt for a design that complements your outfit and is comfortable. Mix and match colors to create unique combinations, or stick with classic neutrals.

If you’re looking for outfit ideas, try pairing a bright colored kurta with neutral-hued sandals for an eye-catching look. For a more traditional approach, stick to matching hues – the possibilities are endless!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect sandals to express your freedom of style.


Mules are an easy way to add a modern touch to any outfit. They pair perfectly with kurtas for a look that is both fashionable and comfortable.

Styling tips include pairing mules with cropped or straight-leg trousers, or adding just a hint of color with printed ones. For the daring fashionista, go for bold colors and prints!

For a more classic style, try pairing them with an A-line kurta and accessorizing with statement jewelry. Don’t forget to embrace your freedom when it comes to styling; be creative and have fun!


Loafers are a timeless classic that can easily elevate any look. They give you a polished and refined look with their simple design, making them perfect for dressing up an outfit, or accessorizing it down.

Matching the color of your loafers to the color of your kurta is a great way to make sure they blend seamlessly together.

The best part? You can wear them however you want! With freedom being the style trend du jour, feel free to mix and match to create something truly unique.


Boots are a great way to add an edgy touch to any outfit. Pair them with your kurta for a casual, yet stylish look. Not only will they provide extra warmth and protection from the elements, but they’ll also make it easier to accessorize.

Try pairing with a statement belt or colorful scarf for a unique touch that’ll take your style up another notch. With just these two items, you can make any kurta look more fashionable and trendy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best colors of shoes to wear with a kurta?

Mix patterns and layer textures with your kurta – try wearing brown loafers, beige sandals, or black oxfords. Create a look that expresses freedom while being stylish and trendy. Let your personality shine through your outfit!

What type of shoes go best with formal kurtas?

Mix materials and layer looks for a formal kurta outfit by choosing dressy shoes such as oxfords or loafers. Opt for leather or suede, in colors that match your outfit to achieve a stylish look. Have fun with it and be creative – play with textures and shapes for freedom of expression!

Are there any shoes that should be avoided when wearing a kurta?

Avoid wearing shoes that clash with the trousers and ethnic styling of your kurta. Choose a style that complements your outfit for a trendy, stylish look. Be bold and creative to add your own unique flair!

What kind of accessories are best for completing a kurta outfit?

Pair your kurta with stylish footwear trends for a complete look. Mix and match pairing styles for an on-trend outfit that expresses your freedom. Get creative and be daring!

How can someone make sure their kurta and shoes look cohesive?

Choose shoes that complement the traditional look of a kurta. Styling tips for a cohesive look include wearing simple shoes, like sandals or flats, and choosing colors that match the hues of your outfit. Add accessories to finish the look and express your unique style with freedom!


No matter the occasion, you can always find the perfect shoe to wear with your kurta. Whether it’s a casual street style look with sneakers, or a chic night out ensemble with mules or loafers, there’s something for everyone.

For something a little more special, opt for stylish sandals or dressier boots – either way, you’ll be looking fashionable and on-trend!

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